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You wake up to find yourself in a room -- The Room -- where everyone is a liar, you might be a murderer, and your only friend is a disembodied voice who hates you and calls herself Thursday. 

None of that really matters though. 

You have a handful of minutes to escape, but there is no escape, not for you. You're trapped. Full stop. It's all very, very sad. 

That's OK, this was never really about you.

Find the password, open the door, save some lives, make new friends, kill those friends, write your story, find meaning in the madness.

This Room will kill you, and that's the whole point.

The game includes:

  1. Multiple, wildly different endings.
  2. A pretty cool soundtrack.
  3. Choices that mostly matter!
  4. A Story with words and feelings. 
  5. Puzzles and ciphers and things!
  6. Dozens of ways to die.
  7. A larger than average amount of replayability.


Most Everything - Steve Spalding

Awesome CG Art - Tithi Luadthong


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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I feel terrible about asking, but, is there any hint you can give on the cypher? I think I know they key, I'm so close! I just can't find the actual cypher, and I suck at guessing games.

No problem! One of terminals in the room, if you play with it, will help you out. Just write down the cypher and keep looking. 

Also, you only need the cypher for one ending, so don't get too bogged down. :)

I hope this helps!

Thank you! I got the true ending and I'm so excited to find the cypher. Thank you for such a great game\

Really glad to hear you enjoyed it! I hope you have a fantastic day! :)

Thank you! I got the true ending and I'm so excited to find the cypher. Thank you for such a great game\

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So I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm just missing something, but I've figured out what kind of cipher it is and what the key is to solve it (I can't say it here or i might spoil it for someone), and when I put a certain coded phrase in, it translates part of it into something readable, but the end is still garbled but in different letters. I checked thee spelling many times, and I even tried a different decoding software, to no avail. The coded phrase is "Ba'm r Nlgcgllv ulpfxy, uev Whskzxrq ls ral Bos lly, kgwaj wluu wqd." Can you help? 

I certainly can! Try, "Ba'm r Nlgcgllv ulpfxy, uev Whskzxrq ls ral evq. Bos lly, kgwaj wluu wqd." It's a typo on my part, and I'll fix it in the next patch (without saying more, it's not exactly game breaking). Really sorry about that!

I hope you're enjoying the game otherwise!

Thanks for taking the time to help with that. It's a really good game, by the way.

Of course, have a fantastic day!


When I saw in one of the comments that the cypher is solvable I thought that is amazing. So I spent two hours of my life figuring it out. Worth it. I got Thursday to tell me something which helped a ton. Sadly I've only gotten one ending which is the one where I entered the password into the terminal. And I had to close the game after that to keep playing. Hoping to find more. Though what i'm stuck on is a third lock. I unlocked the button lock and the Thursday  Boredom one(I could say something else, but that would spoil it). I hope I haven't spoiled too much. :D


At the moment I have got The Time Ending, The Terminal Ending, The Existenal Gun Ending, and the door ending. Can't wait to I get the true ending

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You'll really like the third lock if you find it. :)

I'm so glad that you are enjoying it so far, and fantastic work on the cypher! I don't really want to ruin anything, but you're really close to getting one of the more interesting endings as well!

Nah, you haven't spoiled anything, I really appreciate all the time you've put in. Thanks again. 


Saw your post on /r/Games earlier today (which unfortunately was removed before any real discussion of it happened) and spent the better part of tonight going through it. Managed to get 4 or 5 different endings including the True one. 

Great job for your first game, it definitely deserves more attention since you clearly put heart and passion into it. Unfortunately I don't have many friends who would appreciate a game like this or I'd definitely get them to try it.

Hope you keep at it, I'm very much looking forward to future titles you work on!

Thank you so much!

It's too bad it got pulled from /r/Games, I thought I followed the rules, but I guess my recent promotion binge might be responsible. I'm glad you managed to find it before it got taken down!

You're the first person I've heard from who has managed to make it to the True End. That's awesome, I hope it was worth all the hoops I put you through. :)

Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate you taking time out of your night the play, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

The True End was definitely worth it! Once the most unintuitive road block was cleared I guess I just lucked into immediately clearing the entire route due to some fortunate decisions I had made earlier in that playthrough and having already gone through almost every other branch due to being a completionist. Never even imagined I had reached the True End until the last few dialogues.

Would love to get into specifics to perhaps ask what a few endings meant or if there was more to them and actually inform you of a few bugs I did find (none gamebreaking or that took me out of the game), but unfortunately it seems like itch.io doesn't have a PM feature.

Awesome! Feel free to send me a message on Reddit (socalsamba). I'd be really happy to hear your thoughts and about any bugs you found. I'm working on a patch right now. 

Thanks again!


Really fun and interesting narrative and concept!!!!

Thanks so much for playing, you're awesome. I love the video title by the way!


Very cool game, learning all the necessary information through multiple lives was very good.  I really like the dialogue, and how much character they all have.  I assume I got the most basic ending, but I enjoyed the experience very much, nice work!

PS - Could use more music, there's a lot of totally quiet moments.

Thanks so much for taking time to play! Yup, that's one of the faster endings to get to, but it's also one of my favorite. 

I really, really appreciate you taking time to make a video. It's incredibly helpful. Being a small developer is hard, and this kind of stuff really makes it worth it. 

I can definitely understand your point about the music, I might add a patch sometime in the future with a bit more. 


While making use of a cipher is interesting, I would have at least put that inside of the game in one form or another instead of referencing it. But it was a good brain exercise to do.

Thanks so much for giving it a try! There is actually a way to solve the cipher from inside of the game, but it's rather convoluted and easy to miss. 

I hope you had a good time, and I appreciate you putting in the effort to make a video. It really helps!